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Facility services - cleaning - maintenance

House’n’Office Solutions offers the Facility Services concept. This is an interdisciplinary field dedicated to maintenance of commercial and institutional buildings such as malls, office buildings or business parks, logistics parks, hotels, conference centers, warehouses, and to arranging green areas wherever their location or size. Among the tasks we can mention maintenance of wiring, lighting systems and plumbing, all of these being part of the technical maintenance; cleaning, disinfection and pest control, space management, decoration and taking care of green areas also being part of this field.
Handyman services
Service provided by our technicians, consisting of minor fixes at the electrical installation (ie: replacing light bulbs, sockets), plumbing, support for moving small pieces of furniture, repairing furniture, doors equipment, air conditioning service etc.

Predictive maintenance helps to determine the operating equipment’s condition, aiming an accurate prediction of the maintenance actions required. This approach results in significant cost savings compared to the costs of routine maintenance actions, because they are take place while the equipment is still functioning, thus minimizing disruptions of the normal operating systems;
Corrective maintenance corresponds to the intervention performed to correct a failure in working equipment. The main activities consist of repairing, restoring or replacing the damaged parts.

Professional landscaping services
It is a highly specialized service, different from green space maintenance. 

Disinfestation, disinsectization and deratization

Disinfestation is the process of preventing the emergence and dissemination of pathogenic germs, as well as destroying from the earliest registered case of disease until the source of infestation is exterminated. We perform the disinfestations by spraying substances with a wide range.
Disinsectization is the preventive and curative action of limiting dissemination of insects and arthropods in all their evolutionary stages and destructing them. The methods we use are the ones current in the U.E., such as spraying, atomization, nebulization, cold or warm mist, gassing, traps, special gels, sprays and so on.
Deratization is a complex of measures applied in order to destruct or reduce the number of damaging rodents, especially rats and mice. We perform rodent control both by chemical methods (raticides) and non-chemical methods (mechanical traps or ultrasound devices), with skilled personnel, modern equipment and organic substances.

House’n’Office Solutions offers its clients the possibility of choosing fromthis range of packages: 

Single Service – by purchasing a single service, the House’n’Office Solutions partners can be sure that they will benefit from the most competitive prices and the best personnel.
Multi Service – covers one or more services, based on which House’n’Office Solutions partners will benefit from the same advantages as in the case of Single Service, under a single contract.
Facility Services – it is the most complex program, which increases the efficiency and flexibility of services delivery and optimizes the management structure by integrating the services into a single point of contact.