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About us

House’n’Office Solution cleaning company was founded in 2008 certified under ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 which offers facility service for buildings offices, living spaces, industrial spaces. House`n`Office have a new vision of the customer service concept that aims to satisfy the customer. We offer each client consulting services, customized cleaning services and maintenance servicers, constant availability and management at an european level. The values we promote are respect, integrity, responsibility and confidentiality.

The ambition and desire of constant developement, as well as the proven ability to shape and improve services motivate H’n’O to continue its upward direction, increasing its visibility on the market and maximizing the client satisfaction.

Each activity within H’n’O implies planning and organizing, ensuring high quality services, meeting deadlines and offering efficient solutions, anticipating any possible crisis.

Thus House’n’Office Solutions offers the Facility Services & Property Management concept. This is an interdisciplinary field dedicated to maintenance of commercial and institutional buildings such as malls, office buildings or business parks, logistics parks, hotels, conference centers, warehouses, and to arranging green areas wherever their location or whatever their size.

Among the tasks we can mention maintenance of wiring, lighting systems and plumbing, all of these being part of the technical maintenance; cleaning, disinfection and pest control, space management, decoration and taking care of green areas, utility alpinism also being part of this field.

The Facility Services technique consists of anticipating and solving a problem before it escalates. Being proactive and not reactionary is the most important thing in developing efficient operations in any building. This ability distinguishes professional performance from mediocrity, which is also one of the major goals of House’n’Office Solutions.

The services and programs diversity, carefully selected staff, well trained and supervised, proper logistical means, customized program, flawlessly executed and on time, advanced professional equipment, confidentiality and safety of the information that H’n’O provides grant the fact that we are a trustworthy partner in the field of industrial cleaning or your home.

The client’s opinions are carefully considered within the company, in order to constantly improve our services’ delivery and maximize our business partners’ satisfaction. H’n’O clients will enjoy daily the benefits coming from cooperating with our teams: safe and pleasant work environments, high quality services provided by responsible and qualified personnel.  

Persistence, attention to detail, excellent qualifications and competitive prices result in a wide range of regular customers, who share a common element: the satisfaction of having cooperated with  House’n’Office Solution.